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Five Reasons Why Everyone Loves the Alien Joint Roller.

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

1. Simple and Easy: Whether you’re new or a connoisseur, the learning curve of the Alien Joint Roller is fast because the product design is so simple and easy. Printed instructions are included.

2. Consistent Results: The simple design of the Alien Joint Roller allows for ease of use, generating consistent results, which is very important.

3. Portable: The Alien Joint Roller is small, making it portable and ideal for travel. The Alien Joint Roller fits in your favorite bag, like a Quik Wikk Small Travel Case or Shoulder Bag.

4. Perfect Gift: Ideal for many occasions, including birthday parties, events, Holiday gifts, and your favorite friends on 4/20. I bought some extra so just I can gift some friends.

5. Stand Out: The Alien Joint Roller is packaged in a paper box decorated with loud, trippy artwork. Featuring palm trees, beaches, the Hollywood Sign, and a convertible on the open road, you feel chill Los Angeles vibes. Bloo the Alien is also chilling in the scenery. One of the first things you notice when you take the Alien Joint Roller out of the box is how green and alien it looks.

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