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Your Favorite Paper Roller

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

The Smoke Bloo Alien Premium Roller is designed to make rolling super simple and fun. If you like an easy to use roller that saves time and money, then grab a Smoke Bloo Alien Premium Roller. You'll be happy to know that the Smoke Bloo Alien Premium Roller produces consistent results every time.

We've even provided instructions for you. Save money and time by conserving product with the help of the Smoke Bloo Alien Premium Roller. Easy to travel with or store in your favorite storage solution like a Quik Wikk Travel Case. An essential for rolling, keep an extra in your Quik Wikk Chest Pack for your vehicle.

  • Easy To Use: Super simple, instructions included.

  • Portable: Travel friendly option, fits in your favorite bag or pocket.

  • Simple Design: Produces consistent results.

  • Perfect for Parties: The ideal tool to make your event cool.

  • Great for Gifts: Everyone loves a roller!

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