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Best GameDay, Event and Festival Bags

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

It's the season for GameDay and Big Events, and that means spending hours on our feet at a stadium or field. It also means holding onto our keys, sunglasses, cell phone, wallet, and other daily essentials. It's a challenge making sure nothing gets lost all day. Also, it's a good idea to protect our valuables from the rain or bad weather.

It's not convenient to carry too much weight around. The goal is to keep everything together with as much comfort as possible.

Two lightweight options to keep everything safe and protected would be a fanny pack or shoulder bag. If more space is required, a backpack could be the more ideal solution. It's all about personal preference. And looking good. Let's review options from Quik Wikk:

Option #1: Quik Wikk Shoulder Bag

Simple, lightweight, and comfortable, the Quik Wikk Shoulder Bag is the easy choice for making sure your daily essentials are protected in a lightweight package.

The Quik Wikk Shoulder Bag features an adjustable shoulder strap to customize the length for extra comfort. Featuring a main storage compartment and a front compartment, the Quik Wikk Shoulder Bag boasts plenty of room for your daily essentials. Available in six color/pattern choices, choose your favorite Quik Wikk Shoulder Bag.

Option #2: Quik Wikk Fanny Pack

If you want to try a proven classic, you can always count on the Quik Wikk Fanny Pack. Available in eight beautiful color/pattern choices, there's a Quik Wikk Fanny Pack for everyone. Or collect them all!

Featuring two removeable shoulder straps, the Quik Wikk Fanny Pack is a versatile choice as it can be worn in multiple ways. Padding for extra protection, you can count on your personal items being well kept.

Option #3: Quik Wikk Backpack

Need some extra space for all your belongings? Look no further than the Quik Wikk Backpack. Sometimes you need extra space for clothing, a laptop, camera, snacks, towels, or hand wipes. The Quik Wikk Backpack was designed to carry all your daily needs.

The Quik Wikk Backpack features many zippered compartments to provide extra storage space. Available in black, blue, and green camouflage (pictured), the Quik Wikk Backpack is the ideal GameDay companion all day long.

Touchdown: The Final Score

The Quik Wikk Shoulder Bag, the Quik Wikk Fanny Pack, and the Quik Wikk Backpack, are all great choices for GameDay, sporting events, and Festivals.

What's your Quik Wikk GameDay Favorite?

  • Quik Wikk Shoulder Bag

  • Quik Wikk Fanny Pack

  • Quik Wikk Backpack

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