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How to Wear a Quik Wikk Fanny Pack

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Now that Game Day is here and we're going back to college, expect a lot of outdoor events and functions. We want to make sure we bring our credit cards, cash, cell phones, keys, lip balm, and other daily essentials. It's not fun or convenient to carry all these items in our pockets, especially for long durations of time. An ideal product for outdoor events with our daily necessities would be the Quik Wikk Fanny Pack.

The most popular way to wear a fanny pack is around the waist. Wearing it like a belt provides practical access to your daily essentials. If you prefer to wear it another way, the Quik Wikk Fanny Pack provides multiple shoulder strap hooks and two fully adjustable straps to allow other options.

Check out some fun ways of wearing the Quik Wikk Fanny Pack:

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