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Best Quik Wikk Products for Back to School

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Quik Wikk Backpack

Tired of carrying the same old backpack? Go back to school feeling comfortable and looking in style with Quik Wikk Backpacks.

The Quik Wikk Backpack features many zippered pockets outside and inside, which will safely hold all your daily essentials organized including a laptop, making it super ideal for school, work and day trips.

Quik Wikk Medium Travel Case

This Hard Shell EVA Case is perfect for those on the go situations. So if you're looking for that fast travel back to school or work case to hold your small items, this is for you. It has been designed to fit most daily essentials. The soft fabric lining ensures even your favorite delicate accessories can be safely stored. Choose from many different styles and prints to fit your unique style.

So now that you are going back to school, college, or work - we got you covered. Literally.

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