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Tired of your usual backpack? Grab the all new Quik Wikk Backpack. It's lightweight, comfortable, durable, padded and ready to go.

Use the Quik Wikk Backpack to safely carry your daily accessories wherever you go, while feeling comfortable and looking in style. This durable, tactical backpack features many zippered closures both outside and inside to keep your belongings safe and organized throughout the day. The backpack features a padded laptop pocket inside, so you won’t need to carry that laptop around before your meeting or class.


The Quik Wikk Backpack is available in Camouflage, Black and Blue. and is adorned with the iconic Quik Wikk logo patch in front along with iconic zipper heads. The backpack is great for school, work, going to the gym, traveling, and day trips. Oh, and they make great gifts for him and her.

Quik Wikk Backpack: Black

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