Designed to be placed next to the register to encourage impulse sales, the Quik Wikk Mini Jar   is the perfect way to rock Quik Wikk Minis at your store. A Quik Wikk Mini Jar and Quik Wikk Jar Label with UPC is included for immediate use.


Quik Wikk Mini is 4 feet of 100% organic hemp wick coated in 100% organic beeswax and neatly wrapped around a patent protected spool in fun colors. Quik Wikk Mini is your premium tool in avoiding the harmful effects of the toxic gases caused by lighters. Quik Wikk will protect you and your hemp wick by neatly wrapping it around our patent-pending design. Please note, each Quik Wikk Mini Jar contains 4 bags of 25 Minis each. The colors you receive will be random.

Quik Wikk Mini - Jar of 100

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